Leeds Metropolitan University Offers Support to HPOL

In a letter sent to HPOL, Sally Nickson, Leeds Metropolitan’s Head of Sport has said:

“It was good to meet you recently and discuss with council officials and University colleagues the Hyde Park Olympic Legacy proposal for reinstatement and development of some key sports facilities on a part of the old Leeds Girls High School site that would be important to local community.

…Our University has this academic year accepted over 430 additional students into the Carnegie Faculty, primarily on Sport & Exercise Science, Sport Coaching and PE courses, resulting in a significant rethink about creative delivery and programmes to acommodate academic, competition and recreational needs.

This redevelopment and the HPOL proposal may also provide a significant opportunity to enhance our student experience with great volunteering, coaching, coach education and work experience opportunities, helping both organisations with support and personal development of students and community members in the organisation and delivery of community sports programmes, clubs and activities.

Our University would be happy to explore any opportunities to work closely together to increase and expand the student experience through the HPOL proposal and therefore we strongly support the reinstatement of these sports facilities for use by the community and student population in this area.”


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