Critical Urban Report: Leeds Girl’s High School Recreational Site

Microsoft Word - Chris_Slade_Critical_report.docx

Thanks to Leeds University Student Chris Slade for writing a report about the battle for the sports facilities. Chris concludes:

“This contestation is created by the economic and political system, it fails to value public, recreational and creative space, instead the neo-liberal system values consumerist space higher than community facilities. Although the high level of community engagement, the facilities remain abandoned. The site should be listed as a community asset and brought into use as recreational facilities to maximise its value for a community characterised by greater social than economic deprivation.

Leeds City Council’s constrained budget and pursuit of economic growth provides abandoned space or retail units, failing to address the recognised social needs of the local population.”

Download  Chris Slade’s entire report on HPOL’s fight here: Chris_Slade_Critical_report



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