Community Proposal

hyde park olympic legacy

Click here to download the Community Sports Proposal

We hope that everyone involved with the site in any capacity will take the time to read this proposal, to see what could be achieved if the site were to be preserved as sports facilities and run for the benefit of the community.

The proposal contains the following:

  • Information about the current planning application
  • Site History
  • Leeds 6 Background information
  • Existing Sports Provision – nearby schools
  • The Lantern Learning Trust (Inner City North) and primary school sports provision
  • Assessment of free-to-use sports facilities in the LS6 area
  • Sphere: a community sports facility
  • Who are Sphere?
  • Who are HPOL?
  • Proposed site plans
  • Philosophy
  • What the centre will provide
  • 35+ years sport
  • Health and Nutrition
  • Disabled Sports Clubs
  • Comparable rates
  • Parking
  • Renewable Technologies
  • Access
  • Partners
  • Sports Partners
  • Potential funding partners
  • The HPOL business proposition + case study
  • Projected budgets
  • The HPOL business proposition
  • Existing Site Plans
  • Evidence of local need

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